February 4, 2023

Hollywood Film Avatar 2 Enters In The 300 Crore Club

Hollywood Director James Cameron’s Avatar 2 has crossed the 300 crore mark on its 15th day of release in India. The total earning of the film has gone up to 316.75 crores. With this, now this film has come very close to breaking the record of Avengers Endgame.

Avengers Endgame earned 373.22 crores in India. It is expected that this week the film will break the record of Avengers Endgame and become the highest grossing Hollywood film in India. Avatar 2 has also left behind the highest grossing Hindi films of this year.

If the collection of Avatar 2 continues like this, then in the coming days it will leave behind the total collection of 373.22 crores of the highest grossing Hollywood film Avengers Endgame in India. The Jungle Book and The Lion King are among the highest-grossing Hollywood films in India.

Please tell that Avatar 2 is released on 16 December. The first show of the film started at 12 midnight on 16 December in select cities of the country. A lot of praise is being heard for the special effects, VFX and background score of this film made in about two thousand crores.

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