January 27, 2023

Somi Ali Attacks Superstar Salman Khan Again

Bollywood Actress Somi Ali has recently made a post on her social media in which she has made very serious allegations against Salman Khan. She has said that when she used to live in Mumbai, Salman used to beat her and also used to abuse her.

Somi says that many times she had to hide her injury with make-up. Somi has said that whatever Salman did to her is no different as he has done it to many girls. This is not the first time that Somi has spoken against Salman, she has been attacking Salman Khan many times before.

Somi Ali has shared a long note on her social media. Somi has written in that note that Salman Khan had banned a documentary ‘Fight and Flight’ on Discovery, influenced by NG0 run by him. Somi said- ‘When I was in New York, Salman’s lawyer sent me threatening emails and said that if he spoke anything against Salman, you would lose your life. Apart from this, when I was in Mumbai, Salman Khan used to abuse and beat me.

Ajay Shelar, who was my make-up artist, had to apply make-up on my neck and other parts of the body to hide the bruises. All the producers used to see my condition when they went to the studio. I want him to publicly apologize to me but he will never do so because he is a person with too much ego.

Somi further said- ‘I have faced domestic violence since childhood. I was not abused when I was five years old. I was physically abused in Pakistan at the age of 9. Sexual violence occurred in the US at age 14. When I came to India, that person did violence to me whom I had dated for 8 years. ‘Somi had attacked Salman Khan by sharing a post on his social media a month ago. Sharing an old picture of herself and Salman, Somi wrote, “Abhi bahut kuch hoga. My show got banned in India and then threatened me with lawyers.

you are a coward If you show me the fear of lawyers, then I will also put 50 lawyers under my protection. All of them will save me from burning cigarettes and physical harassment that you have done with me for years. During this, he worked in films like Ant, Mafia and Andolan. Shifted Now she often keeps accusing Salman Khan.

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