January 28, 2023

Youtuber Bhuvan Bam’s Reveal That His 3 Films Stopped Due To Covid

Famous comedian and YouTuber Bhuvan Bam’s second web series ‘Taaza Khabar’ is coming in the new year. In which Bhuvan is going to be seen playing the role of a sweeper and his name is Vasant Gawde. Earlier, his web series Dhindhora came. Bhuvan Bam has talked about his journey and struggle in a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar. Here are the highlights of the conversation with him:-

Question :- How long has it been a struggle to join the industry?

I have never created my content for the industry. I always created content for the public. He either encouraged me or abused me or gave me the idea to do better. So I will continue to create content for the public in future as well. The industry will also continue to be nurtured. But never thought how the industry would feel? Will he enjoy my content or not?

Question: – Your ‘Dhindora’ was very famous. How many projects are there now?

Translation has happened because of ‘Dhindhora’. I had multiple roles in ‘Dhindora’. The film’s space is similar to what people had earlier seen in ‘Dasavathaaram’, where Kamal Haasan was in multiple roles at once. Before ‘Dhindhora’ people saw me just sitting and speaking in the videos. Here in ‘Dhindhora’, for the first time people saw that he acts even while walking. He can also play not one or two, but 11 roles simultaneously. I got messages from even 65 years old women that they didn’t even know that an artist like Bhuvan Bam is also among us. The message from people like them was a big deal for me that the work for which I had made ‘Dhindora’ was done.

Question: How did you get the ‘Taaza Khabar’ series?

It is written by Abbas Dalal and Hussain Dalal. I did ‘Dhindora’ with him as well. It was at that time that he narrated the one liner of ‘Taaza Khabar’. I liked it very much at that time itself. However, we know how many hearts have been broken and how many rejections we have received in adapting that one liner idea to the story of the show and reaching here. However, social media has played an important role in my journey. Earlier, where a bat ball was available in every household in India, now influencers are being found in every household.

Question:- Do you still give auditions for any project?

The day before yesterday I came after auditioning. It is probably a misconception among people outside that now it must be raining scripts in Bhuvan Bam’s room. Nothing like this happens. As soon as ‘Dhindora’ was over, the same struggle started that now how to tell anyone to give us a chance?

Question:- Any such project which got abandoned after coming in hand

I will not take the name, but yes, for three films that year I said that I am interested. They were all great roles. All those three films were closed due to the Kovid environment. Then even when the situation became normal, all the people started wrapping up the old projects. Those films never happened. It is also good that all three films happened, otherwise ‘Dhindhora’ happened. When that happened, it became ‘latest news’.

Question:- Actors who are from theater background should decide the scale of their acting by the number of followers, is it correct?

I believe that the casting director who decides by looking at the social media followers is wrong. I don’t know how many followers Rajinikanth sir has. Or would they know how many followers they have on social media. They would be less, because Rajinikanth is not dependent on social media. But who doesn’t know him. In which country is his name not mentioned, who has done the work he has done? Although, of course, nowadays artists are asked for the number of their social media followers. This is the trend anyway.

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