October 5, 2022



The Lord Of The Rings Series Will Be Made In 8000 Crores

In the 5 season of the upcoming series The Lord of the Rings- Rings of Power, more than 1 billion dollars, i.e. about 8 thousand crores are being spent. Every episode of its first season has been prepared by the makers in a budget of 463 crores. The first season of Lord of the Rings made in 3700 crores has already become the most expensive series in the world.

Half a dozen small budget films of India can be made from the budget of one episode of this series. India’s most expensive series is Sacred Games, whose first season is made in only 40 crores and second season is made in 100 crores. The budget for an episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is twice the total budget of both its seasons.

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