September 29, 2022



Indian Web Series Gullak 3 Writer Durgesh Singh Open Up

Durgesh Singh, who started his career as an ad writer, has made a different identity with season 2 and 3 of his web series Gullak. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, he talked about his career and upcoming projects. Read the excerpt of the conversation:

The journey of the piggy bank is linked to everyone’s homes. After seeing this, many feedbacks come that man, you have installed a CCTV camera inside our house. The piggy bank is the story of all of us, the story of our family. All the tales and episodes of Gullak 2 and 3 are around me. Some are from Bhopal because I have an upbringing here. I spent my college days here. This is where the days of love and struggle, my friend, have passed. The strange characters in Gullak 3 are from my village. Like Bhonu Halwai and Kuttupur all these are near me.

I try my best to use those words which people have forgotten. It is also the responsibility of a writer to make them alive. Like family because if this word is not written in the card then how can a family take the load. Similar words are all around us. We just don’t talk. We bring these words in the piggy bank and serve it to you, you all like it very much.

I started with radio. I happened to Nilesh Misra’s show Yaadon Ka Idiot Box. When it got boring, in 2015, I got into advertising. Here I wrote ad films, jingles. 2019 I thought that man, I have to write. At the time of piggy 2, I used to do an evening job and after reaching the hotel at 11 o’clock in the night, I used to get ready and catch the flight to Mumbai at 2 o’clock. He used to attend the meeting at 9 in the morning, then after reaching Delhi on the afternoon flight, used to go to the office. I quit my job during Gullak 2 and what you are today is in front of you.

The talk of Gullak 4 is going on, there is a lot of pressure too. There is talk of writing infact piggy bank 4 and 5 together. The pressure is high because people have more expectations. Apart from this, the writing of an HBO show is going on. My first film written is about to release next year. The film is a period film on core Hindi journalism, 25 years ago on politics before the TV industry came into being.

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