October 5, 2022



Imtiaz Ali Open Up About Idea Of Dr. Arora

Kumud Mishra starrer Doctor Arora occult specialist series is streaming on OTT. The filmmaker has written this series. In a special conversation, Imtiaz talked about the idea and making of the series. He told that after seeing the advertisements in the cities, the idea of ​​​​making a series came to me. The story of this series was in my mind from my college days. Read and watch the full interview by clicking on the photo.

The thought of this series came to me when I used to travel from Delhi to Jamshedpur by train. In this journey, I used to travel by Utkal Express, because in that I used to get tickets. In summer, when I used to pass through Chambal, I used to see that there were a lot of advertisements of sex doctors in the cities of North India. It is still there in many cities, in which the doctor’s address and his specialization were also written. I used to see that what is the reason that most of the add in doctors are there.

It depicts the doctor-patient personal, professional and social life. People always hide such diseases, afraid to share. In India, people hesitate when we talk about this disease. So I think it needs to be broken. This is just the effort of Dr. Arora, a Gupta disease specialist.

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