September 29, 2022



Why South Superstar Dhanush Summoned By Madras Court?

South’s superstar Dhanush has been summoned by the Madras High Court. Dhanush has been summoned in connection with the couple’s case in which they have claimed that the actor is their son. According to reports, Kathiresan and his wife Meenakshi had alleged that Dhanush was their son. The matter has been going on for many years and the decision is still pending.

Dhanush was reportedly summoned after Kathiresan claimed in the court that the actor had submitted forged paternity test documents. He had reportedly demanded a police inquiry. Reports said that Kathiresan, who claims to be Dhanush’s real father, has filed an appeal asking the court to set aside the order, which was passed in 2020. In which the case was dismissed saying that there were no supporting documents to prove the paternity documents.

Reports said that a notice has been issued against Dhanush in connection with the case by the Madras High Court after the Madurai High Court bench dismissed Kathiresan’s plea. Kathiresan and Meenakshi had claimed that Dhanush is their third son and he had allegedly left his hometown and moved to Chennai to pursue a career in the film industry.

The couple allegedly demanded a monthly compensation of Rs 65,000 from Dhanush, alleging that they were his parents. The matter has been going on in the court for years. However, Dhanush has reportedly denied all the allegations leveled by the couple in the court.

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