October 5, 2022



Why Prashant Neel Stop The Shooting Of Prabhas Upcoming Film ?

South’s superstar Prabhas’s upcoming film is ‘Salaar’. Prabhas will be seen doing tremendous action in this film. But due to Prabhas, the shooting of the film has been put on break for the time being. Actually the director of the film Prashant Neel wants Prabhas’s body to be fit in it.

Prabhas will be seen in a lean look in the film ‘Salaar’, so Prashant wants Prabhas to lose weight and be seen in a physically toned shape in the film. Prashant does not want to make Prabhas look good by editing in the film. That’s why he has said that he will not return to the shooting of the film until Prabhas loses weight. Talking about Prabhas, he has been facing problems regarding his weight for a long time.

The makers were earlier preparing to release this film in April 2022 this year. This plan of the filmmakers was turned away by Corona. Now this film will be able to release next year only in 2023. Presently the film is still in the shooting stage. Out of which 35 percent of the shooting of the film has been completed. During the shooting of this film, Prabhas suffered a serious injury in the past. For whose treatment the actor had gone abroad.

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