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Veteran Actress Sadhana’s Birthday Anniversary

Veteran Actress Sadhna Shivdasani of the 60s gave many hits in her film career. Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir Ye Hansi Raat Ho Na Ho, Jhumka Gira Re Bareilly Ke Bazaar Mein, superhit songs like these were picturized on Sadhna itself. Sadhna’s hairstyle became so famous that today it is known as Sadhna Cut Hairstyle. Sadhna was the only child of her parents, so she was brought up very lovingly. Sadhna fell in love with RK Nayyar, the director of the film Love in Shimla, during the shooting of the film. After that both got married too.

RK Nayyar died after 30 years of marriage and after that Sadhana was all alone. Alone because they had no children. After that she spent her whole life alone. In the last days of life, trial started at her house and she started going around the court and after that she became a victim of cancer. Unfortunately, only a few of the friends and relatives attended the sadhna’s death.

Sadhna was born on 2nd September in Karachi to a Sindhi Family. After the Indo-Pak partition of 1945, Sadhna shifted to Mumbai with her family. Her father named her Sadhna after actress Sadhna Bose.

Sadhna Death Anniversary: The Actress Had A Larger Than Life Persona

Since childhood, Sadhna’s dream was to become an actress and her father had helped her a lot in stepping into the film world. At the age of 14, Sadhna appeared as a child actress in Raj Kapoor’s film Chachi 420. In this film, she was seen doing a chorus in a song Mud-Mud Ke Na Dekh Ke. After this film, Sadhna’s picture appeared in a magazine.

This picture of Sadhna caught the eye of famous filmmaker Shashadhar Mukherjee of her time. He was so impressed by Sadhna’s beauty that he cast Sadhna along with his son Joy Mukherjee in the film Love in Shimla. The film was directed by director RK Nayyar, with whom Sadhana later married. Her film was a hit. After this, Sadhna appeared in the film Ek Musafir, Ek Haseena with Joy Mukherjee under the same banner.

RK Nayyar, the director of the film Love in Shimla, asked Sadhna to change her hairstyle. Actually, Sadhna’s forehead was wide. The director believed that if some swirls came on her forehead, then her beauty would increase further. The director gave her this suggestion after being inspired by Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn’s fringe hairstyle. Her look became so popular that even today people know her as Sadhna Hair Cut. Later, this hairstyle of Sadhana became her identity.

Sadhna fell in love with RK Nayyar, the director of the film Love in Shimla. After dating for 6 years, both of them got married. Sadhna’s family members were against this marriage as RK Nayyar was much older than Sadhna, but later the family agreed. Sadhna was very happy with RK Nayyar, as much as her husband took care of her as much as her family took care of her. After 30 years of marriage, Sadhna’s happiness has been caught by someone. RK Nayyar passed away due to asthma. After the departure of her husband, Sadhana had become completely alone. She did not even have any children, so it was more difficult for Sadhana to survive.

The house where Sadhna used to live, the same house started being sued. Because of this, she always had to make rounds of the court. In her last moments none of her friends and relatives supported her. With the advancing age, Sadhana became very ill. Later it was found that she had cancer but she alone suffered all the pain and Sadhna passed away on 25 December 2015. Sadhna was all alone for 20 years after her husband’s departure. Unfortunately, only a few of the friends and relatives attended the sadhna’s death.

Sadhna had worked in about 30 films in her film career but she did not get any award. Sadhna was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002 by IIFA, 8 years after leaving her film career. Sadhna took a break from the film career because she did not want her to be seen in any side role later.

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