October 5, 2022



It’s Been 54 Years Of Cartoon Character Doraemon

Doraemon. A small robotic cat which is occupied by every household in India. Yes, we are talking about the cartoon character Doraemon. It is a modest little cat in appearance, but its real age is 54 years. Doraemon was created in 1969. The interesting thing is that Doraemon will actually be born in the year 2112, he has come from the future to make Nobita’s life easier.

Actually Doraemon is more powerful than it appears on TV. Many short films including 41 feature films, 2 special films, 15 short films have been made in this franchise. It started with a comic book showing the funny story of Doraemon. Gradually, Doraemon became the most popular cartoon character in Japan.

In 2012, the Japanese government celebrated Doraemon’s birthday 100 years before his birth. Along with this celebration, the government had also declared Doraemon as the official resident of Kawasaki city of Japan. This was probably the first incident of a cartoon character getting citizenship of a country.

Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that its feature films have so far earned 13 thousand crores worldwide and its earning from royalty is 33 thousand crores, that is, a total of 46 thousand crores. September 3 was the day when Doraemon was made, this day is considered to be the birthday of this character. Doraemon is watched by 48 crore people in India, including children and adults.

Doraemon is a Japanese fictional character created by writer Fujiko F. Fujio. Writer Fujiko wanted to do something new for Manga Magazine (Japan’s graphical comic). Fujiko, who was looking for an idea, thought he wished he had a machine that could solve his problems. Thinking this, he fell after hitting his daughter’s toy and heard the sound of cats fighting in the neighborhood. By combining these three incidents, he got the idea to make a character of a cat, who had advanced gadgets.

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