January 24, 2022



Film Sunpat Will Be Screened At Goa Film Festival

Like every year, the 52nd International Film Festival of India is being organized in Goa from November 20 to 28, just like every year to celebrate the elixir of independence. 24 films in feature category and 20 short films in non-feature category have been selected to be screened at the film festival. In this list, for the first time, the state of Uttarakhand has made its place on such a big stage.

Sunpat becomes 1st Uttarakhand film to be screened at IFFI 2021; director  says 'wanted to highlight hardships faced by people in hills'

The film “Sunpat” has been selected among the films to be screened at the film festival. This film has been made by Uttarakhand Film Company in Garhwali language. The selection of the film is a matter of great pride for the state of Uttarakhand. Sunpat is the story of a society based on the villages of Uttarakhand, whose past is lost and the future looks hazy.

The film depicts a glimpse of Uttarakhand rural environment, the struggle of life in the mountains. Its filming has been done in Bironkhal block of Uttarakhand. The director of this film is Rahul Rawat. This is his first film to be screened at a film festival organized by the Government of India.

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