November 28, 2021



Bollywood Actress Malaika Arora Celebrate Her 48th Birthday

Chhaiya Chaiya Girl Malaika Arora is celebrating her 48th birthday today. Apart from film career, Malaika Arora has always been in discussion due to some big decisions taken in her life. At the very beginning of her career, Malaika fell in love with Arbaaz Khan and both decided to get married. After marriage, Malaika’s name was directly related to the Khan family, but when this name was broken again, Malaika came under the scanner. Apart from this, Malaika had surprised everyone with her bold decisions many times in her life. Today, on the special occasion of her birthday, let’s know how Malaika has been breaking the stereotype

Malaika Arora shows you how to make a tousled ponytail look polished |  Vogue India

Malaika Arora started her career as a VJ (Video Jockey). While interviewing celebs, Malaika started being a part of many commercial ads and music videos. The actress first gained recognition from the song Gud Naal Ishma Meetha. During an interview, the actress told that during the days of Struggle, she had to listen to a lot of taunts due to her dark complexion. The actress told that people in the industry used to give priority to fair complexion, in such a situation she had a lot of difficulty in making an identity. Today Malaika is one of the most glamorous actresses in the industry.

In the same year, Malaika married actor Arbaaz Khan. At the beginning of her career, where people hesitate to get married, Malaika took this decision regardless. Malaika Arbaaz met during a coffee ad shoot. This bold print ad of both was in so much controversy that there was even a demand to ban it.

Malaika Arora shows you how to make a tousled ponytail look polished |  Vogue India

Despite being the daughter-in-law of the Khan family, the relationship between Malaika and Salman was not good. It was said that Salman did not like Malaika’s lifestyle. In many public events, Malaika and Salman were seen ignoring each other. While everyone in the industry is scared of screwing Salman, Malaika, on the other hand, was not ready to change by accepting his terms despite joining his family.

In 2016, Malaika Arora announced her separation from Arbaaz Khan. Before the announcement of the divorce, Arbaaz Khan’s name was in the news for betting in IPL and being in debt. These headlines were said to be the reason for their divorce. The next year in 2017, the two separated. After the divorce, the custody of son Arhaan was given to Malaika Arora, while Arbaaz has the right to meet the son.

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Malaika Arora made her relationship official with Arjun Kapoor on his birthday in the year 2019. Malaika and Arjun were surrounded by headlines as soon as the news of their relationship surfaced. Both were also trolled a lot on this relationship.

In the past, many Bollywood actresses have dated younger people, but Malaika came under the target of people because she was in a relationship with that Arjun Kapoor. The same Arjun who has previously been the boyfriend of Malaika’s brother-in-law Salman’s sister Arpita. Salman Khan was the person who helped Arjun in his body transformation at the beginning of his career, so many people said that the actress is doing this to mess with Salman. Many people even said that even before getting divorced from Arbaaz, the closeness of Malaika-Arjun had increased.

Malaika has been constantly trolled due to age and sometimes relationship since her name was associated with Arjun Kapoor. Often the actress is also on the target of trollers for her gym look, although despite all this, she did not give any reaction on all these issues.

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