September 29, 2022



Akshay Kumar Earn Around 1066 Crores From Advertisements

Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar Akshay has suddenly come into the limelight once again by contracting with the tobacco company. Akshay was being trolled for advertising a tobacco company for some time now. After ending the contract, the actor has apologized on this and will use the earnings from the endorsement in social service.

Akshay is the third highest brand value celebrity in India after Virat Kohli and Ranveer Singh. Apart from films, Akshay also earns big money from ads, production houses and personal investments. The actor has many big ads for many big companies like Rasna, Harpic, Policy Bazaar, Dollar Club. Let’s know how is the actor’s brand value and net worth-

Akshay Kumar is the Bollywood actor who gives the highest number of films every year, but earns more from Akshay Ad than films. Akshay charges around 6 crore fees for every ad. At present, Akshay has ads for dozens of companies like Honda, Rasna, Micromax, Policy Bazaar, Dollar Club, Revital Edge, Liveguard, Suthol, Prince Pipes, Lodha Group, Lever Ayush. Their brand value is close to $ 140 million i.e. around Rs 1066 crore.

Apart from films and brands, Akshay has also earned a lot by producing films. In the year 2008, Akshay started Hari Om Production House. In the year 2012, Akshay started another production company Grazing Goat Picture.

Akshay Kumar is the owner of World Kabaddi League team Khalsa Warrior also known as Mr. Banker of Bollywood Cinema. With all these side investments, Akshay is the highest-paid actor in the industry. The actor has made a personal investment of more than 300 crores. In 2020, the actor has donated Rs 25 crore to the PM Care Fund.

Akshay Kumar, who has appeared in about 100 films, is the owner of property worth $ 273 million i.e. about 2050 crores. The actor is also fond of luxury vehicles. He has a collection of 11 luxury cars, including Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Honda CRV and Porsche. Akshay Juhu lives in Mumbai.

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