February 4, 2023

Court Rejected The Bail Of Sheezaan

On January 13, the ongoing hearing on Sheezan’s bail application has come to an end. Rejecting Sheezan’s bail application, the court has extended her custody for another 14 days. The court has accepted that Tunisha had gone into depression after her breakup with Sheezan. On 15th December i.e. the day Tunisha and Sheezan broke up, Tunisha also had panic attacks.

It is also revealed that Sheezan was the last person Tunisha met before her death. It was also clear in the CCTV footage that Tunisha had Sheehan’s room before the suicide. That’s why the court believes that if Sheejan gets bail then the case can be affected.

During the hearing of the bail application, Sheezan’s lawyer Shailendra Mishra, appearing for Sheejan, said, ‘Sheezan and her sister themselves do not know Urdu, how can they teach Urdu to Tunisha. Sheejan himself reads some lines of the directors.

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