October 5, 2022



Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Case

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - OCTOBER 02: Johnny Depp attends the "Crock of Gold: A few Rounds with Shane McGowan" premiere during the 16th Zurich Film Festival at Kino Corso on October 02, 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for ZFF)

A Virginia court on Wednesday ruled in the ongoing defamation case against Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Johnny Depp has won in this 6-week-long trial. Depp will receive a compensation of $ 15 million (about Rs 116 crore) in damages. At the same time, Heard has also been given a decision to pay 2 million dollars (about Rs 15.5 crore) as damages.

In fact, Heard filed a domestic violence case against Depp. After which the actor filed a defamation case against Heard. Actress Amber Heard made claims of abuse and mental harassment against Johnny Depp. Hurd called the court’s decision disappointing. He said that this decision has broken my heart. At the same time, Depp said that the jury gave me back my life.

A seven-member jury in Virginia found that Heard wrote an article against Depp on 2018 sexual violence. This article hurt Depp’s reputation. This article was written with malicious intent.

The jury has held both Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard responsible for the defamation. The jury also found that Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, made statements against Heard that hurt his reputation. So Hurd would also get $2 million in compensation.

Responding to the verdict, Heard called it a setback for the women. The disappointment I feel today is beyond words, he said. I am saddened that even so much evidence was not enough to counter the limitless power, influence and sway of my ex-husband.

Hurd said the decision would shock other women as well. This will reduce the seriousness of violence against women. Let us tell you that Heard and Depp married in 2015. In May 2016, Heard filed an allegation of domestic violence against Depp, and the couple divorced in 2017. Heard accused Depp of forcible sex and drug abuse.

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