PM Modi Said Corona Cases Will Reduced By June End

More than 3 lakh new corona cases are coming out in India since last 15 days. A record 4.12 lakh cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. Even after this, according to a model prepared by the advisors of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the second peak bus is about to arrive and by the end of June new cases will be reduced to 20 thousand per day.

According to Bloomberg report, Prof. Manindra Aggarwal of IIT Kanpur has presented a model, based on this, Professor M. Vidyasagar of IIT Hyderabad said that the peak is going to come in a few days. Our projection says that by the end of June, the situation in the country will be like February, that is, by then the number of cases exposed daily will come down to 20 thousand. The same team had predicted peak till last month i.e. mid-April, but then they proved to be wrong.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new model adopted for Peak cannot be overstated. This model has also failed in the last month. Experts are saying that these figures are being underestimated. Neither testing has increased nor is the true picture of deaths coming out. At the same time, pictures of cremation ghats across the country are telling a different story. With this, all the assessments about peak are getting complicated.

The new forecast matches the forecasts of other scientists, with a second peak being reported around May 15. These forecasts are extremely important, as 4.12 lakh new cases were reported in the country in the last 24 hours. There were 3,980 deaths during this period. Even amidst these conditions, Prime Minister Modi has made it clear that he does not want to impose a national lockdown. However, partial or full lockdown is already in place in most states. Many states have sealed their borders.

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