September 29, 2022



Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s Can Make New Cabinet Ministers On 16 July

Rajasthan After the dismissal of Sachin Pilot as the Deputy Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot is now busy trying to sack angry legislators. According to sources, Ashok Gehlot can now expand the cabinet on 16 July in the new development. It may give place to those MLAs who are angry.

Ashok Gehlot called meeting of cabinet ministers at the Chief Minister’s residence at 7.30 pm yesterday, where he was discussed for all ministers who can resign collectively during that period.

Rajasthan had 15 cabinet ministers and 10 state ministers till now. Three places are vacant after the dismissal of Sachin Pilot, Vishvendra Singh, Ramesh Meena. A total of 30 ministers can be appointed in Rajasthan. The number of ministers currently stands at 22 after three dismissals.

It is a matter of discussion that to make more MLAs ministers, Gehlot can make MLAs of Pilot camp ministers by resigning some of his trust worthy ministers so that the government can easily prove majority in the circumstances of majority test in the House.

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