October 28, 2021



Bollywood Actor Himansh Broke His Silence After 14 Months On Breakup With Neha Kakkar

The breakup of Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli has passed for 14 months. Where Neha has spoken several times on this issue, Himansh has also broken the silence. He has accused Neha of breaking the relationship and making him a villain while expressing her pain. “Many things happened at that time. But I didn’t want to talk about them all. I just wanted to say that she (Neha) did not want to move forward in the relationship. So we separated by mutual agreement. She I decided to move forward in life.

According to Himansh, he was tagged with a heartless boyfriend. People started trolling them badly. But nobody tried to know the story on his side. They call it the worst phase of their life. He said, “Everything is fine now. But there was a time when the whole world was cursing me on social media.”

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Himansh said, “Nobody wanted to know the truth. I was tagged with Villain overnight. It was very sad. Because I was not saying anything and people were coming to conclusions about what Neha said. She cried on the show and people Trusting him, I would be shocked. I also wanted to cry. But then we put our Brave front in front. After all we are human beings. ”

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How did Himansh face difficult times? Taking it, he says, “I walked on London Holiday. I was the Talk of the Town. Because whenever she posted something, people started trolling me. I felt like everybody was misunderstanding me.” I was also losing confidence in talking to women. I was comforted by meditation. ”

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According to Himansh, he was quite serious in the relationship and was planning to marry Neha. But he was shattered when he was accused of using Neha. Himansh said, “One of the things that hurt me a lot was that I was accused of using Neha. I didn’t understand anything. I had done four films before I met her and was earning money.”

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Himansh further adds, “I couldn’t do much work when the two of us were together. Because I was traveling with him for his shows, so that we could spend more and more time together. In those months I had enough Work went out. After that people started accusing me of cheating on him and everything was over. Thankfully after a few months he made it clear and told me that I did not cheat him. Was. It came after things better. I’ve come in the forefront now. ”

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According to Himansh, his first meeting with Neha Kakkar was in 2017 when he was promoting one of his films. The two became friends and then entered into a relationship. Let us know that there was a lot of discussion about the breakup of Himansh and Neha in December 2018.

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