50 Crore Withdrawn From Sushant Singh Rajput Bank Account In Three Years Said By Family Lawyer Vikas Singh

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family had recently filed a case of abatement and cheating on his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty for suicide in Bihar. After this, Bihar Police came to Mumbai and engaged in the investigation of the case.

Rhea has also been accused of withdrawing 15 crores from Sushant’s bank account, on which the Mumbai Police had clarified in a press conference that no money was transferred directly from Sushant’s account to Rhea’s account. Sushant’s family lawyer Vikas Singh has made some points on this.

Sushant had 17 crores in his account when he lived with Rhea but left 15 crores. When no property was purchased and no big car was purchased, where did the money go? In the last three years, 50 crores have been removed from Sushant’s account, then this should also be investigated. ‘

Vikas Singh further said, “The task of removing Sushant from the family was not done in a hurry. Rhea weakness Sushant by planning. she first took Sushant away from his father. The conversation between the two continued to diminish. Even the family could not contact Sushant directly. Many times, Sushant tried to stay in touch with the help of the bodyguard but did not allow it to happen. This was the first step. ‘

In the second step, Rhea drove the bodyguards, servants and cooks out of the house. In the third step, Rhea grabbed a bank account, credit card and password. The fourth step began when Sushant started taking medicines at Rhea’s behest. The family also did not know what medicines he was taking. Rhea created all those situations to prove that the problems lie in Sushant. she captured all of their things. Even in the meetings of Sushant’s producers, she started to sit together and put a condition that they should cast Sushant’s opposite. ‘


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