February 4, 2023

Sunil Shetty’s Pain Spilled In Front Of Yogi Adityanath

Bollywood celebrities met Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath in Mumbai. During this meeting, Sunil Shetty has said that in today’s time Bollywood has been tagged as Boycott, which needs to be removed.

Apart from this, Sunil has said that 99 percent of people in Bollywood do not take drugs, so it is very important to correct the tarnished image of the Hindi film industry. The meeting was attended by eminent personalities from the film industry like Subhash Ghai, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Nigam and Boney Kapoor.

Sunil Shetty told Yogi Adityanath in this meeting- ‘The Bollywood Boycott trend that is going on in today’s time needs to be ended because if there is a rotten apple in a basket, it does not mean that everyone will be the same. We are not all like that.

Our stories and music connect us with the world. That’s why the stigma of boycott on the film industry needs to be rectified. I request you to convey this message to PM Modi as well.
This reaction of Sunil Shetty has come when there is a lot of boycott trend against Bollywood at this time. Recently, the boycott trend is being seen on social media regarding Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan.

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