January 27, 2023

Bollywood Actress Yami Gautam Reached Himachal

Famous Bollywood actress and Himachal’s brand ambassador Yami Gautam suddenly reached Bilaspur city on Tuesday. She had come to meet her grandmother. After spending some time with the family, she left for Chandigarh after meeting her maternal uncle and other relatives.

According to the information received, Yami Gautam was living with her family in Mandi district’s Gohar for a few days. Yami Gautam owns a very old house in Gohar. Yami Gautam also got married in her village Gohar. She was living in Gohar for the last few days, but no one knew about it.

When Yami Gautam reached Bilaspur, the eyes of the media personnel fell on her. Some questions were also asked to her by the media, but she has only congratulated the new government of Himachal and said that she will soon come again to Bilaspur, then she will answer many other questions by meeting the media here. While going back, he once again praised Bilaspur Dham. She said that she is learning its recipe from her maternal uncle.

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