Why Superhit Film Anniyan Producer Ravichandran Give Legal Notice To South Indian Director Shankar ?

South Indian director Shankar announced an announcement to make a new film with Ranveer Singh, but the announcement itself has been mired in controversy. Ravichandran, the producer of the original Tamil film Annian, has sent a notice to Shankar, as the film has been announced to be made without his permission.

Ravichandran has said in a statement that he was surprised to hear about the Hindi remake of Anniyan. Ravichandran produced Anniyan. Which was released in 2005. The film starred Vikram, Sada and Prakash Raj.

Ravi wrote- I am shocked to know that you are making a Hindi film by adopting the story of the film Anniyan. You are aware that I am the producer of the film Anniyan. I bought the rights to the story from writer Sujatha aka Late Rangarajan, for which I paid them in full. I have all the records. That is, I am the sole owner of the story. And remaking or copying the main plot of this film without my permission is completely illegal.

Apart from this he writes, I want to remind you that after the direction of Boise you were under a lot of stress due to your image being spoiled. Even then I gave you the opportunity to direct Anniyan. After which you can get your lost land back. Only because of my support.

It is so sad that you forgot him so easily. And without telling me you have tried to make my successful film Anniyan a Hindi remake of it. I know you have always maintained your moral values, but still I wonder how you can fall so low by doing such illegal work.

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