Why Shruti Haasan Was Happy With Her Mother And Father Sepration?

South Indian Actress Shruti Haasan was very happy with the divorce of her father Kamal Haasan and mother Sarika. This thing has been shared by Shruti herself. Shruti said that she was happy because she believed that if two people cannot live together then they should not forcibly live together. Kamal and Sarika were married in 1988 and both got divorced in 2004 after 16 years. He also has another daughter Shruti Haasan.

In an interview, Shruti said that she is very close to her father Kamal, while mother Sarika is also an important part of her life. Shruti described both of them as wonderful parents. Shruti further said- I was very excited for her because now she was going to live her life. I was happy when they separated, because I believe that when two people are not together then they must be together for some reason. They have been wonderful parents. I am close to my father, my mother is also very good and they are a part of our life.



They are both very different and wonderful human beings. But they were not very beautiful together. It does not snatch away their personal beauty as human beings. When they separated, I was very young. And it was very easy, they were more happy to be apart than to be together.

Shruti Haasan shares heartfelt message on father Kamal Haasan's political  journey | Celebrities News – India TV

Shruti was quite young at the time the parents separated. Now these days they are busy in their upcoming projects. Recently he told that he has converted a part of the house into a dubbing studio. Shruti was shooting for the digital series and Salar before the lockdown.

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