November 28, 2021



Why Nayanthara Left Shahrukh Khan & Atlee’s Film Lion?

Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, is in the news these days due to his son Aryan Khan’s involvement in a drug case. Shahrukh has postponed all his shootings due to his son being in jail, so his team is facing trouble. Shah Rukh was supposed to shoot for Atlee’s upcoming film Lion in October, but after it got postponed, his lead actress has now left the film.

According to report, Shah Rukh Khan cannot shoot due to son Aryan being in jail. The film’s lead actress Nayantara took time off in October for the shooting of this film, but after the shooting was postponed, she is not in a position to change her dates.

After Nayanthara’s exit from the film, director Atlee is considering the names of ‘Majili’ and ‘Shakuntalam’ actress Samantha. As of now, no official confirmation has been received on this matter. If there is talk between the actress and the makers, then for the first time Shahrukh Khan and Samantha will share the screen together.

Nayantara had taken out dates for Atlee’s film in late October and early November, but Shah Rukh has refused to shoot any film or ad till the son’s bail. Shah Rukh was supposed to shoot a commercial with Ajay Devgn earlier this month, however, after his son’s arrest, he refused to attend the shoot at the last minute. In Shahrukh’s absence, ‘Pathan’ was shot by his body double.

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