Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko Seeks Ban On “The Family Man 2”

Bollywood Actor Manoj Bajpayee’s upcoming web series The Family Man 2 has been mired in controversy even before its release. Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko has written a letter to Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar demanding a ban on it. Vaiko says the Tamilians have been insulted in its trailer. This web series is going to be streamed on June 4.
Vaiko has written in his letter – The trailer of Family Man 2 depicts Tamilians as a terrorist and ISI agent with connections to Pakistan. Apart from this, the Tamil alim warriors have been misrepresented as terrorist activities. Tamil actress Samantha is shown as a terrorist with Pakistani connections. This has hurt the culture and sentiments of Tamilians. Hence Tamil people have started protesting against this series.

Vaiko further writes – although it is an appeal that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting should take any action against Family Man 2 at the earliest and ban its OTT release. Otherwise the people of Tamil Nadu will seriously protest against it and the government will have to face it.


Trade analyst Sumit Kadel has shared this letter on social media and wrote – “It has become fashionable to hurt people’s religious and other sentiments for cheap publicity. It is always done deliberately and our government is opposed to many Despite this it has completely failed to stop it. The solution to this problem is to put a censor board on OTT. In the name of cinematic freedom, no one has the right to offend the feelings of the people. The exercise of such freedom is always a special community. Why is it done to discredit? It is all sponsored psychological warfare and we are losing this war. “

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