January 24, 2022



Nusrat Jahan Was Seen With Yash Das Gupta

TMC MP and actress Nusrat Jahan has posted her photo with Yash Dasgupta on social media for the first time after the Kolkata Court’s decision on marriage to Nikhil Jain. Kolkata Court has declared the marriage of Nusrat and Nikhil Jain illegal in India.

After this decision, Nusrat shared a photo with Yash on Friday. Actor Yash is the father of Nusrat’s son Ishaan. Nusrat gave birth to a son this year. Nusrat shared a photo with Yash and wrote – Bless us. Actually, this photo is from the muhurta of the new film of these two, which Nusrat has mentioned in the hashtag.

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