Hrithik Roshan Will Be Seen In Four Different Looks In ‘Vikram Vedha’

Fragrances of shooting of films are commencing from the month of June. ‘Vikram Vedha’ is also named in that list. According to sources, “The preparations are in full swing. In this film, Hrithik Roshan will be seen in four different looks. The character will look bilingual from Banaras. Hrithik has given special input about his getup and costume. He says that They should be provided with clothes that are often seen by young Banaras. Not only that, Hrithik has given instructions to keep a typical typical Banarasi dialect. Hence the dialect coach who is biling from there is being taken on board. ”

According to Sources, “Interesting experiments are being done with Hrithik’s look. He will also be shown in the form of Vedha from Young Vedha to the world of crime. Makers also want to shoot it in live locations. For the sake of it. Locations in Mumbai and Banaras etc. have been completed.

Around 40% of ‘Vikram Vedha’ shooting will be in Mumbai, 60% shooting will be in Lucknow, Banaras and other areas of UP. Actually, if the second wave of Covid doesn’t come, the film will also be in April. It would have come on the floor. It was such that the production house technical Reiki had been done wherever and where the shooting of this film was going to be held, especially in Mumbai. Not only this, Director Pushkar and Gayatri also gave their team Hrithik Roshan’s Costume Trial. Had done it. Hrithik himself is also very excited that he is getting a chance to play the gray-shade character again after ‘Dhoom 2’. “

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