October 5, 2022



Faisal Khan Did Not Like Lal Singh Chaddha

Bollywood Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s film Laal Singh Chaddha fell on the box-office. The condition of the film was so bad that the makers had to pay a heavy loss. Recently, Aamir Khan’s brother Faizal Khan spoke openly about the film in an interview. The actor called Laal Singh Chaddha a weak film.

Faizal Khan said in an interview to E-Times that- he had not seen Laal Singh Chaddha immediately after its release. However, after a few days he watched the film. Talking about Laal Singh Chaddha, Faizal said- I liked some parts of the film, but it would be wrong to call it a great film. If Aamir was making a comeback after 4 years with the film, then he should have chosen a good script. People expect good films from Aamir, but it was not felt while watching Laal Singh Chaddha. So this film was not a WOW film.

When Faizal was questioned about his and Aamir’s relationship. Then he said- Me and Aamir meet on every special occasion and we have a good relationship. However, Aamir is quite busy with his life. He is struggling in his life.

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