October 5, 2022



Bollywood Singer Vishal Dadlani Apologizes To The Muslims

Bollywood singer-music composer Vishal Dadlani on Thursday apologized to the Muslims of India and all Indians amid the ongoing controversy over former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad. Vishal Dadlani has also given a message of love and unity towards Indian Muslims by sharing the post on social media. Singer has said in this message shared on behalf of all Hindus that the identity of Muslims is not a threat to India or any other religion at all.

Vishal Dadlani shared the post and wrote, “I want to say this to Indian Muslims on behalf of majority Indian Hindus. You are seen and heard, loved and you are precious. Your pain is our pain. No one on your patriotism. There is no question, your identity is not a threat to India or anyone else’s religion. We are one nation, one family.”

Singer continued, “I also want to say this to all Indians. I am sorry for the ugly nature of Indian politics, which will happily divide us into small groups until we stand alone. They all Doing it for personal gain, not people. Don’t let them win.” On this post of Vishal, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has commented on him.

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