Bollywood Queen “Kangana Ranaut” Become A Drug Addict At The Age Of 15

Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut who has been in the limelight for her impeccable talk, is a quarantine in Manali these days. Kangana has recently spoken openly about the ups and downs in her life in order to motivate the fans in corroded with coronavirus. Kangana has appealed to the fans to be positive, talking about their drug addiction and emerging from it.

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Recently, a video of her has appeared from Kangana Runot’s team page. This video is made by Kangana’s sister and PR Rangoli Chandel. In this, Kangana is saying, ‘Happy fifth day of Navratri. Are you bored at home? He must have become depressed, depressed and many will be crying. This time is not bad. Never mind time because bad Time is also a really good time. I am a minor artist. And I can tell this confidant that I am happy today at this place. These are bigger than any award and money ‘.

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Talking about his journey to get rid of drugs, Kangana said, ‘I had a very good person in my life, at that time he was a Struggling Fight Master. He taught me yoga, he used to tear me up whenever he asked me to close my eyes. He then gave me the Asha Yoga Book, then I considered Vivekananda as my Guru. I never thought for my position that this was someone else’s handiwork. But if this point does not come in my life, then I would be lost somewhere in the crowd ‘.

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