August 14, 2022



Why Swara Bhaskar Failed To Gain Attention From Audience With Her New Character In “Rasbhari”?

Bollywood Actress Swara Bhaskar was the only actress who pays special attention to her script before choosing films. In most of the films, Swara Bhaskar playing the role of a middle class or poor woman in a sari. Be it the silent queens, Anarkali of Aara or Raanjhanaa, she was seen in a desi style. She has been playing the role of desi woman of village and countryside very well. Now Swara Bhaskar has once again appeared in a similar role. The name of the web series is Rasbhari.

Among the films of Swara Bhaskar where she playing Anarkali of Ara and Neil Batte Sannata. In Anarkali of Ara, Swara Bhaskar played the role of a woman dancing and singing in the village. Her acting in the film was highly praised. In the film, Swara showed the struggle of a dancer her character in Rasbhari too is somewhat similar. In the web series, she’s in the role of Tawaif. The name of tawaif is rasbhari. Although the characters are different, their getup and style match well.

The direction of the web series is right in terms of establishing characters. Dialogue is also similar in the film as people use common language. Because the story is of Meerut, there has been a lot of use of standing bids and abuses. The story of the film is one aspect that is not interesting and that does not lead to any conclusion.

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