August 14, 2022



‘The Family Man 2’ Is Full Of Action, Suspense And Adventure

Indian Web series ‘The Family Man 2’ is full of action, suspense and adventure, as much as it is satirical in mood. Laughingly, with her taunt, she also sharply questions the structure and order of the society. The most important thing is that the common or special citizen is ready to die for the country. He is also expected to do the same. But what can this country do for him in return? This time around this question the rights and duties of the common citizens, protectors and eaters of the nation have been fixed. There is a dialogue by the lead character Shrikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee), ‘When a man becomes an animal, he becomes worse than an animal.’ This is not just a reference to the nefarious designs of the powerful countries of the world. There is also a question on their expansionist policies, which are creating new insurgent groups day by day.

However, producers Raj & DK have written the story of the series in collaboration with Suman Kumar. Superan S. Verma has directed his imagination effectively. The creative team has given weight to each and every character in this 9-episode series. The entire family of Shrikant Tiwari is also on the target of terrorists this time. Makers have taken the intelligence officers away from the traditional neighboring enemy country to Sri Lanka. In simple words, this time there are big issues in the story. Not only is the RAW task force vs ISI, but there is also a Tamil insurgent group.

From the last part, there are Shrikant Tiwari, his family, Jack, ISI officer Sameer, handler Sajid, Kulkarni etc. Tamil Rebel’s Bhaskaran, Deepan, Subu, are ready with new and dangerous plans, while Indian PM Basu, Sri Lankan President Roopatunga, Tamil local police officers have also been added. The tussle between Tiwari-Shuchi (wife) and their daughter’s rebellious attitude also runs parallel.

There is a tightness in the writing. The writer-director has beautifully woven the tug of fun, fear, duty and family into the story. A large part of the story is in Tamil Nadu. The makers have not directly named LTTE. Instead there is Tamil Rebel. Events keep traveling to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, London. The layman thinking of the people of North and South India towards each other has been given place. She develops a different perspective.

Samantha Akkineni in the role of Raazi is the find of the show. He has lived his character. His actions are lively and sharp. The mutual chemistry of Manoj Bajpayee and Sharib Hashmi is the charm of this season. Darshan Kumar as Sameer is brilliant in his performance. Why artists like Seema Vishwas have such extraordinary talent can be felt here seeing her as PM Basu. It is a pleasure to see Asif Basra, who passed away in November last year, here.

After all, if a person belonging to a common middle class family is in a job with a larger than life assignment, what can he ask for from the PM if he does well in it, it takes the show on a different scale. It has to be seen.

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