‘Gullak 3’ Is Based On Pure Emotions

Story: The story of this season of piggy bank i.e. piggy 3 is also similar to the old seasons of piggy bank. The Mishra family is also a common middle class family, whose happiness and sorrows are also exactly like that of the middle class family. In this season, you will get to see the struggle of Mishra family’s elder son Annu from job to younger son’s education. In piggy 3 you will also get to see and feel what happens when the only earning person in a middle class family loses his job?

Acting and Direction: Gullak 3 is directed by Palash Vaswani. He has directed Gullak 2. Palash has done a wonderful job this season as well. Talking about acting, everyone has adapted well to their character. Jameel Khan, Harsh Mayr, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Geetanjali Kulkarni every single actor is perfect in his character. His acting is such that it seems as if everyone has lived their character. The specialty is that seeing you will miss someone from your family.

Writing: The handwriting of Gulak 3 is very good, in which every single dialogue has worked to make the story excellent. The writer of the series Durgesh Singh has written such dialogues which are the colloquial words of all of us. Hearing this, you will feel that we also use them in our conversation. Talking about camera work, the cinematography and art work is also good. Which keeps you completely hooked as a spectator.

Conclusion: There are 5 episodes of piggy bank 3 which you will binge watch. You must watch this series not alone but with the whole family. In this, you will get to see a lot of love for your loved ones, small joys, sorrows and happiness of your family, all together.

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