September 16, 2021



Director Imtiaz Ali’s Start Shooting For ‘She’ Second Season

Bollywood Director Imtiaz Ali  shared the information about the start of the second season of the series ‘She’ on social media. Avinash’s name is also missing in the information released by Netflix. After getting the approval of the second season in March, its shooting had also started in the old areas of Mumbai city but then its work had to be stopped due to the second wave of Corona. During that time, Imtiaz Ali’s team also lost sweat to convince Aditi Pohankar, who played Bhumika Pardesi, for the second season. Aditi was beginning to feel that the second season of the series would not happen without her and hence sources reveal that her manager had demanded an unaccounted amount from Imtiaz Ali’s production team.

Last year, Netflix’s adult series ‘She’ premiered on March 20. With its release, Imtiaz Ali was trolled a lot on social media regarding the series. But, by then Netflix had got the support of that section of the Indian audience on the pretext of ‘Sacred Games’, so it keeps looking for semi porn content on YouTube or MX Player. Due to the arrival of the new rules of OTT, it is understood that this time Imtiaz will keep his heroine under control, although the pressure from the OTT side is to allow the role to remain the same as the first season.

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