September 23, 2021



South Indian Superstar Vijay Fined One Lakh

Madras High Court has given strict instructions to South’s superstar Vijay. Vijay had opposed the imposition of entry tax on his luxury imported car Rolls Royce Ghost. On this, the court said that those whom people consider to be real heroes, they cannot remain mere film heroes. The court said- Such a respected actor is expected to pay the tax on time and properly. Such actors whom the fans see as real heroes, they cannot remain mere films.

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Vijay had ordered this car from England in 2012. On this, Justice SM Subramaniam of Madras High Court said that in a state like Tamil Nadu where actors become rulers, actors cannot be expected to behave like mere film heroes. Non-payment of tax is considered an anti-national habit and is unconstitutional. The court ordered Vijay to pay the fine to the chief minister within two weeks. This amount will go to the Covid Relief Fund.

The current price of Rolls Royce Ghost in the Indian market is Rs 6 crore and in Tamil Nadu 20% entry tax has been levied on the price of this car. The court said that the actor should deposit this tax with respect. He should take care of the sentiments of millions of fans who watch his movies by paying for tickets. With the same money, the actor has been able to buy such a valuable car for his personal use.

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