Shailesh Lodha Is Going To Say Goodbye To “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah”

A bad news has come out for the fans of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Shailesh Lodha, who plays the character of ‘Taarak Mehta’ after ‘Dayaben’ and Anjali Bhabhi, may bid adieu to the show. Shailesh has been working in the show for almost 14 years. According to reports, he has also stopped shooting for the show. For almost a month, Shailesh has not done any shooting of this serial. The fans of the show are quite upset with this news.

According to the report, “Shailesh has lost many other serial offers due to this show. But, now he does not want to miss some good opportunities keeping his career in mind. That is why he has decided to leave the serial. It has been that Shailesh has not been on the shoot for the last few months and he has no plans to come forward as well.”

Reports further say that Shailesh is clearly unhappy with his contract. Shailesh is also unhappy with the makers that they are not able to use their dates properly. However, so far no official announcement has been made by Shailesh and his team on this.

Sources also say that efforts are being made to persuade Shailesh, but Shailesh is not ready to accept it. If Shailesh does not return to the serial, then this will be the third shocking exit. Earlier, Disha Vakani (Dayaben), Neha Mehta (Anjali Bhabhi) and Guru Charan have given bye to the show.

Earlier in the serial Disha Vakani (Dayabhabhi), Jil Mehta (Sonu), Nidhi Bhanushali (Sonu), Bhavya Gandhi (Tappu), Monika Bhadauria (Bawri), Gurcharan Singh (Sodhi), Lal Singh Mann (Sodhi), Dilkhush Reporter (Roshan) ) Sodhi), Neha Mehta (Anjali Bhabhi) has said goodbye to the show. Ghanshyam Nayak (Nattu Kaka) passed away last year. At the same time, Kavi Kumar Azad (Dr. Hathi) has died of heart attack in the year 2018.

Talking about Shailesh, he first started his career on TV with Circus. After this he also participated in the comedy of Mahamukabala. He was first seen by Asit Modi, director of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ at St Andrews College, during his live performance for Phir Wah Kya Baat Hai. Asit was so impressed with Shailesh that he offered Shailesh the role of Taarak Mehta in his serial in the very first meeting itself.

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