September 24, 2021



Salman Khan Seen With Vishwasundri In The New Promo Of Bigg Boss

Many major changes have been made this year to make the reality show Bigg Boss OTT interesting. This year, the makers of the show are soon coming up with a talking tree called Vishwasundri, whose voice has been sung by none other than Evergreen actress Rekha.

Recently a new promo of Bigg Boss OTT has been released by the channel in which Salman Khan is seen with Vishwasundri. The sound is coming in the promo, what is this place, friends. In response to this, Salman says, this is my question. After this Rekha says, Salman is recognized. Next the host introduces the audience to Vishwasundri.

Talking about their association, Rekha said, “Bigg Boss is a very ‘naaaab’ show. It has everything, drama, action, fun and adventure. It gives you a crash course of life. If one is patient and resilient, he will be able to develop to be his best self. What better poetic justice than this. I am delighted to be working with COLORS for the promo of Bigg Boss 15. It’s an exciting new experience for me. It is going to happen, as I am doing the voice over for a ‘Speaking Tree’, which Salman has lovingly named ‘Vishvasun Tree’, which is a living tree full of wisdom, hope and faith.

Let us tell you that this week all the family members have been nominated to be homeless. These days there is a lot to see in the show. In the last episode, Akshara Singh was hurt in her hand, after which she created a lot of ruckus. The actress had said that if Bigg Boss does not invite her to the confession room, she will cut herself.

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