October 25, 2021



Prateek Sahajpal Broke The Glass Of The Bigg Boss House

Television’s popular reality show Bigg Boss 15 has come into the limelight as soon as it starts. All the contestants of Bigg Boss have been kept in a jungle themed house while all the three OTT members Prateek Sahajpal, Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhatt are allowed to use the luxury house. Recently, all the family members were given a task to come inside the house, but during the task itself, there has been a fierce fight between the forest dwellers and the family members. This quarrel escalated so much that Prateek has even broken the glass of the house in anger.

The episode which aired on the previous day showed that the forest dwellers had to task with the help of a map to take entry inside the house, although Prateek, Shamita and Nishant cleverly hid the map. In anger over not being able to complete the task, a fierce fight broke out between the two groups during which Prateek placed his hand on Jai Bhanushali’s shoulder. Jai was so annoyed by this that he started abusing Prateek.

Hearing the abuse, Prateek lost his cool and started slapping his hands and feet in anger. Despite many efforts by the family members, Prateek could not be controlled. Prateek angrily broke it by hitting the glass of the house.

The nomination process took place in the show on the previous day. In which all the forest dwellers had to pay the punishment for the mistake of the symbol. Bigg Boss has nominated all the housemates to be evicted this week, while Prateek, Shamita and Nishant are safe from the nomination.

As long as Prateek, Nishant and Shamita stop all the forest dwellers from entering the house, they will be safe from all three nominations. This was the reason why all three had hidden the map.

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