Karan Mehra Accused Nisha Rawal For Extra Marital Affair

Television Couple Karan Mehra accused Nisha Rawal of extra-marital affairTV’s popular actor Karan Mehra has made serious allegations against his wife Nisha Rawal during a conversation in a recent interview. Karan accused Nisha of cheating and said that Nisha has been living with a non-male for 11 months. Actually last year Nisha had made serious allegations like assault on Karan.

Karan said, “I let them come into the house after listening to everything. We tried to start afresh, but now I came to know that after I left, a non-male has been living in the house for 11 months. He Leaving his wife and children, he has entered my house. Everyone knows and now I will fight my battle.”

Karan further said, “I will prove at any cost that Nisha has cheated on me. They snatched my son from me. They threw mud on my 20-year career. Now I will not be silent. In the last one year I have been terrible. I have gone through pain. I will not bear it anymore.”

Nisha had revealed in the show Lockup, “Karan had admitted that he had an extra-marital affair. He told me that I love someone else and I love you too. It’s for me.” It was shocking. He told me that their affair was for seven-eight months. Also he told me that he knew that girl before knowing me. After that I made him sit, turned on the AC, and asked him ‘Is this an affair? He has broken my trust once. Now I can never trust him again.’

Talking about Nisha, last year, she had accused her husband Karan Mehra of assault. Nisha had also filed a police complaint against Karan for physical harassment. He was also accused of extra marital affair. At the same time, Karan had denied these allegations.

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