January 27, 2023

Hrithik Roshan Celebrate His 49th Birthday

Today is the 49th birthday of Bollywood’s Greek God Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik, who has made everyone crazy with his style, has worked in some of the best films from Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai to War Tak. From childhood, till now his journey in films was full of ups and downs.

When Hrithik was born, his father Rakesh Roshan was a struggling director, due to which there was a crisis. Alam was that he spent many nights sleeping on the ground. When Rakesh Roshan’s films flopped, there was no money to pay the rent of the house and the landlord had vacated the house. At such a time, Hrithik had to stay at his grandmother’s house for six months.

Then time changed and he got entry in the film world and today Hrithik is the owner of 3000 crores. The first film released that the people of the underworld opened fire on Papa Rakesh Roshan. Considering himself guilty of this, Hrithik had decided to leave the film industry, but this did not happen and he kept moving forward in the film industry.

There was a problem of stuttering in childhood, so many were victims of big accidents during film shootings, but they overcame all the difficulties and established themselves on the pinnacle of success.

Hrithik stammered in his childhood. Because of this, the rest of the children in the school used to tease and harass him. Hrithik had recently disclosed this in an interview that he didn’t even have a girlfriend, let alone a friend because of stammering.

According to him, those times were very bad for him and he used to sit alone and cry for hours. Because of this, he did not want to appear in the oral examinations. Sometimes he used to make an excuse of injury and sometimes of some disease. The family members had done his speech therapy, which helped him a lot.

Hrithik’s childhood was not good in many ways. When he was born, his father Rakesh Roshan was a struggling director and also a hero. Rakesh Roshan himself used to get the role of supporting actor in most of the films. In 1980, as a director, he made the film Aapke Deewane, which flopped at the box office. There was a lot of struggle between 1980 and 86, during this Rakesh Roshan’s acting career was also not going well. Due to this the economic condition was also very bad.

According to media reports, at present Hrithik’s total assets are Rs 3000 crores. He charges up to Rs 35-70 crores for a film. Apart from this, about 8 to 15 crores are taken for product promotion. Apart from all this, Hrithik is also a businessman.

Hrithik also owns a sea-facing duplex on the Juhu-Versova Link Road in Mumbai. This duplex is spread over 38,000 square feet. According to the reports, at present the cost of this duplex is around 100 crores. This duplex also has parking space for more than 10 cars. Hrithik has made his own fitness brand HRX. He started it in 2013. HRX manufactures fitness accessories, from footwear to clothing. At present, the net worth of this brand is around Rs 200 crores.

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