January 27, 2023

Bollywood Actress Parveen’s Last Few Days Were Painful

Newspapers and milk packets had been piling up outside the door of an apartment for three days. The door was neither locked nor did anyone come out from inside for the last three days. When neighbors gathered they became suspicious. When he went near the door, he could not stay there for long due to the stench of rot. When the situation was suspicious, the neighbors called the police and informed them.

When the police reached, knocked on the door, there was no answer and then when the police broke the door and reached inside, then the scene which gave goosebumps was in front of the eyes. The dead body of Parveen Babi, the most beautiful and popular actress of her time, was lying on the bed, but was not recognizable. The body was decomposing and there was such a foul smell in the room that no one could breathe.

The room was in complete disarray and a wheelchair was lying beside the bed. Parveen Babi had died 72 hours before her body was found. There was no relative, no friend, no one to take news.
Parveen Babi’s body was taken to Cooper Hospital in Mumbai for postmortem.

In the report, not even a drop of food was found in her body. Parveen Babi was hungry for many days, but alcohol was found in her body. It was revealed in the report that Parveen had not eaten anything till 3-4 days before she died.

Many parts of his body had stopped working due to hunger.Most of the rot in Parveen’s body was in her leg. Her toes had turned black, the cause of gangrene was her high sugar.Parveen Babi might not have been able to walk due to rotten feet, which is why a wheelchair was found near her bed.

On 23 January 2005, Parveen Babi’s postmortem was done at Cooper Hospital, but no relative reached the hospital to claim her body. It had been two days since the dead body was found, but still no one came to get the news. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt eventually reached the hospital to receive her body, who at one point left his family for Parveen despite her deteriorating mental condition. It was Mahesh who arranged for Parveen’s last rites.

Parveen had converted to Christianity a few months before her death and wished to be cremated according to Christian rituals, but her Muslim relatives opposed it and she was buried according to Muslim rituals at the Santacruz cemetery in Juhu.

Considered to be the most beautiful and glamorous actress of the 70-80s, Parveen Babi had millions of fans. She was the first Bollywood star, who got a place on the cover page of International Time Magazine. How did Parveen, who appeared in dozens of best films like Amar Akbar Anthony, Shaan, Namak Halal, Kalia, die in such a painful condition? The reason was paranoid schizophrenia, an incurable disease, due to which Parveen started considering Amitabh Bachchan, Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, John F Kennedy as the enemy of her life. Many times it also happened when during the ongoing shooting, Parveen made serious allegations of trying to kill Amitabh and then suddenly disappeared from the set.

The story of Parveen Babi’s life was like a fairy tale in the beginning, but when it turned bad everyone saw her becoming a farce. Mahesh Bhatt, Danny Denzongpa, Kabir Bedi must have been a beautiful page in her life book, but Parveen distanced herself from them too.

Even after 18 years of Parveen Babi’s death, her Juhu flat, where her body was found, is empty. The cost of this flat is Rs 15 crore and the rent is Rs 4 lakh. In 2014, a person had taken this flat on rent, but he was evicted from the flat for using it commercially. Since then no one wants to live in that flat. According to the source of E-Times, people are scared to live in that house. Some people do come to see the flat, but as soon as they come to know that this flat belongs to Parveen and she died here, they get scared. This flat is still vacant today.

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