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Remembering Bollywood Veteran Actor Raaj Kumar On His 92nd Birthday

The real name of the famous actor Rajkumar was Kulbhushan Pandit. He left the job of Police Sub Inspector and came to the film industry. The police station in Mumbai where Raj Kumar was working was frequented by people associated with the film industry. Once director Baldev Dubey came to the police station for some work. He was impressed by Raj Kumar’s conversational style and offered him to act as an actor in his film ‘Shahi Bazaar’.

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Raj Kumar had already made up his mind to become an actor after listening to one of his companions, so he immediately resigned from his sub-inspector’s job and accepted the film’s offer. He was born on 8 October 1926 in Lorelai, Balochistan (Pakistan) to a Kashmiri Pandit family. At the age of 26, her first film ‘Rangeli’ (1952) was released and after that she acted in about 70 films like ‘Mother India’, ‘Humraj’ and ‘Heer Ranjha’.

Raj Kumar is counted among the superstars of his time. As much as his acting, style and dialogue delivery were excellent, the stories of his life are equally interesting. He was known for his impetuosity not only on screen but also in real life. Experts say that it was famous about him that if he did not like the dialogues of the film, then he used to change it in front of the camera. On Rajkumar’s birthday, we are telling you interesting stories related to his life.

Raj Kumar and Govinda were shooting for the film ‘Jangbaaz’ (1989). It is said that Govinda was spending time with Rajkumar after the end of the shoot wearing a fabulous shirt, when Raj Kumar told him, “Dude your shirt is very cool.” Govinda became very happy to hear this. He then said to Raj Kumar, “Sir, if you like this shirt, then keep it.” Raj Kumar took the shirt from him. Govinda was happy that Raj Kumar would wear his shirt and praised his choice, but it did not happen. Two days later on the set, he saw that Raj Kumar had made a handkerchief of that shirt and kept it in his pocket.

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Mehul Kumar, a special friend of Rajkumar and who directed him in ‘Marte Dum Tak’, ‘Jangbaaz’ and ‘Tiranga’, had said in an interview, according to me all the things people have told about Rajkumar Sahab till date. There are only stories. Those who fabricated these things did not even know him deeply. He did three films with me. But the flamboyance he showed in ‘Tiranga’ is different. When I started ‘Tiranga’ with Nana Patekar and Raj Sahab, 90% of the industry people were saying that Mehul Bhai, you have signed both East and West together. Don’t know what will happen on the set!

The story of these two coming together in ‘Tiranga’ is also great. Many actors used to join hands from afar because of Raj Saheb’s stoic and disciplined personality. For the role of Inspector Shivaji Rao Wagle, the one whom he used to tell the story, he used to refuse.

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First went to Naseeruddin Shah. He said- Mehul Bhai, I have no problem with you. But working with Raj sahib stayed away. Then spoke to Rajinikanth. After listening to the story, he said that you have given my real name Shivajirao to the character, but Mehul ji, I have only one problem – how will I be able to work with Raj Sahab. There was tension on some sets, then what will I do? Pardon me.’ Called Nana, then he refused saying that I do not do commercial films.

I somehow persuaded him and called Raj sahib to tell him that Wagle was final. He asked- ‘Who is doing it?’ I said – Nana Patekar. They started saying- ‘Oh Mehul! His mind is very bad. Heard that he abuses on the sets.’ I said- Raj sahib, I have cleared all the things. He just said that, Raj sahib will interfere on the set, then I will leave the set. Raj sahib uttered only one word – ‘Mehul! Go Ahead.’ After this, in six months, the film was completed and released and became a superhit.

Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar are enemies for last 36 years': What Subhash  Ghai's writer told him ahead of Saudagar casting | Entertainment News,The  Indian Express
Let me tell another story of him. He used to write the double A after the R in the spelling of his name. A film was on release, but forgot to put a double A in the name of Rajsaheb in its banner. He studied somewhere and called the producer in his raunchy style and said- ‘Jani…, you do not know, in the spelling of our name it is not written RAJKUMAR but RAAJKUMAR, change the banner at this time.’ Just like his name, he always lived a life like a prince.

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