October 5, 2022



No One Could Break The Record Of ‘Ramayana’

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana has changed the entire face of the Indian TV industry. This has made life easier for shows on Indian mythology. The show still holds a special place in the heart of the Indian audience. Ramayan holds its place in the record books as the ‘most watched mythological serial in the world’. The show held its record till 2003.

The show, which aired from 1987 to 1988, received a very good response. Due to such a huge viewership, it has also earned respect in the Limca Book of Records. For those who don’t know, the Limca Book of Records holds world records held by Indian people. It includes records from all sectors like education, entertainment and business.

Iconic Ramayana TV series to be re-telecast to cut the boredom due to  lockdown | Wellness Buddha

Ramayan is popular for infusing good moral values ​​on its audience. But it is not just about the values, as actor Sunny Singh found the show helpful in preparing for his character in Aadipurush. He had said, “As a kid, I watched Ramayan with my parents. I didn’t pay much attention to the characters but the story was enough to keep me busy. Now that I am going to play the character of Laxman, I re-watched the entire Ramayana paying close attention to Laxman, which helped me learn a lot about his mannerisms, body language and the clothes, accessories he wears.”

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