August 14, 2022



Kinoscope Films Recently Released Short Film “Salbatein” Nominated For Best Drama Short Film

The film is a monologue of a press-wali. It begins with her detailing the specifics of her life and job. What she says in the beginning feels a bit unnatural to the viewer, considering the insistence of the realist-genre on the film. But once one eases into the film, her words become a scathing critique on the iron-fisted patriarchal customs of Haryana. In a way then, the film takes the form of the practice of ironing where, as the creases are smoothened out, the cloth begins to take shape.

It’s difficult to find a word in English which describes the occupation of the person we send our washed clothes to get ironed. The colloquial term is ‘press-wala/wali’. Salbatein is her story.

If we talking about Salbatein’s lead actress Sushila Saini done phenomenal work where she started the first scene of the film with the press and suddenly she express her felling about the life of a women, and the salbatein story & concept by Bhagat Singh who done great with the script as well and if we talk about the direction part so Parveen Saini done fantastic work and shows up the reality through lens about the real struggle of every women who work at home for their family and the short film is edited by Shishir Uniyal who done great work.

The film is marked by a strong voiceover and performance of its only actor, along with notable writing. From the local, to the global, Salbatein outlines the stifling controls through which patriarchy has strategised to keep women away from a life of freedom and progress.

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