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Katrina Kaif Celebrate Her 39th Birthday With Hubby

Today Bollywood’s Barbie doll Katrina Kaif is celebrating 39th birthday. Kat’s journey, who started her career with modeling, has been very difficult. Kat’s father left the family in his childhood. After which his mother ran the family. He started his acting career with the film Boom, but the film proved to be a superflop. While doing this film, he got many film projects, but his British accent in Boom also affected his acting and after the film’s flop, he lost these projects.

After which he started again through South films. Now Katrina is a well-known name of Bollywood. It is Katrina’s hard work, which at one time lost many films from her hands due to poor acting, while on the other hand she got the Best Actress Award for the same film. So let’s know today on the occasion of his birthday, his journey so far.

Katrina Kaif was born on 16 June 1983 in Hong Kong. His father was Mohammed Kaif, a British businessman of Kashmiri origin. At the same time, his mother Susan English was a lawyer and social worker. Katrina has 6 sisters and one brother. Katrina’s life was like normal children but there came a time when her father had left her family. He was raised by his mother only.

Katrina’s mother was also a social activist, so she had to go to many countries in connection with her work. During this, she also took her children with her. That’s why Katrina’s entire childhood was spent in different countries. Born in Hong Kong, Katrina shifted to China after some time, after which she lived in many countries like Japan, France, Switzerland, Poland. During this, there were also some countries where she lived only for a few months. Due to the inability to change school frequently, Katrina did most of her studies at home.

Katrina won her first beauty contest at the age of 14. This contest took place in Hawaii, after which she got her first modeling assignment from a jewelery campaign. After that she shifted to London itself. During this, she started being active in London Fashion Week and also started doing freelance modeling. At the fashion show, she met an Asian friend who advised Kat to travel to India and on the advice of her friend, she came to India for the first time.

Katrina was very active in fashion shows till now. It was here that he met Kaizad Gustad, a London-based filmmaker. At that time Kaizad was working on the film Boom. The cost of this film was already done, but shortly before the shooting started, model Meghna Reddy refused to do the film. After which Kaizad’s eyes fell on Katrina and he signed Katrina for his film.

Katrina’s first film was with actors like superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Gulshan Grover, Jackie Shroff, but even after having such a big cast, the film was a superflop. Katrina’s acting and British accent got a lot of negative response in the film. Due to which all the projects she got while doing this film went out of her hands but Katrina did not give up even after so much negative response and started working on her language.

In 2004, Katrina got a chance to work in the film Malliswari. Kat proved herself with this film. Actually this film was a super hit and Kat got Rs 78 lakh for this film. Apart from being a super hit, Katrina’s acting in this film was also highly appreciated. Kat was also awarded the Best Actress Award from the Telugu Film Industry for this film. This was the turning point for Katrina, where she had established herself as a great model, while her first film was Superflop, after which many Bollywood projects went out of her hands and then she got the Best Actress Award for the film Malliswari. .

After Katrina’s second film became a superhit, she got offers for many films. After this film, he signed Amitabh Bachchan starrer Ram Gopal Varma’s film Sarkar. This film was released in 2005 and this film was also a super hit. After this the film “Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya” was released in 2005. Kat’s role in this film was noticed and this film was considered as Kat’s real entry in Bollywood. After this, many offers of films started coming to Katrina. In 2007, Katrina got a household name from the film Namastey London. This film was a superhit and this year 4 consecutive films of Katrina proved to be superhit.

Katrina’s net worth is Rs 224 crores. There was a time when Kat came to India with only 4 lakh rupees, but now she is the owner of crores of property. According to Forbes Magazine, Katrina Kaif was ranked 23rd in the list of 100 Highest Paid Celebrities in 2019. She has been on this list continuously since 2017. According to an estimate, CAT earns Rs 23.64 crore annually. She charges Rs 11 crore for a film and Rs 6 to 7 crore for brand endorsement.

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