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Did You Know Why Pooja Bhatt Said No To Act In 90’s Blockbuster Film “Aashiqui” ?

Everyone knows that T Series is the largest music company in the country, compared to the music companies of the country. Gulshan Kumar took the popularity of music in Hindustan to village to village and delivered cassettes of bhajans and film songs at affordable prices. Gulshan Kumar did another experiment, to get the songs out and to make a VHS film by turning them into a story when the songs became hits. The use of ‘Lal Dupatta Muslin Ka’ and ‘Jeena Teri Gali Mein’ were super hit. The film ‘Aashiqui’ also became like this. All its songs were recorded, the album had arrived in the market. When director Mahesh Bhatt listened to these songs, he insisted in front of Gulshan Kumar to make a film on them too. He said that he will write and direct the film himself. Mahesh Bhatt is in discussion these days with his new film ‘Sadak 2’ and its music is also very popular.

Mahesh Bhatt has enriched Hindi cinema music with his ideas, some of his father’s legacy and his attachment to music from some countries abroad. Mahesh, who directed the first film Manzil Aur Bhi Hai, at the age of just 26, then made several popular films like ‘Lahu Ke Do Rang’, ‘Arth’, ‘Janam’ and ‘Saransh’. However, Mahesh Bhatt succeeded in commercial cinema with the film ‘Aashiqui’ released on August 17 in 1990. ‘Aashiqui’ is the film of a period when a new boy named Salman Khan struck up a box office with friendships with a new girl Bhagyashree. Nobody had anything to do with the fact that Salman Khan was the son of a big writer Salim Khan or that he was carrying forward the tradition of dynasty in Hindi cinema. The film’s director Sooraj Barjatya was also from the film family. The film became a blockbuster. At that time, cinema was only a medium of entertainment, people did not have much to do with its internal politics

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Aashiqui was released and All the records were released on one side and the records made by Aashiqui on one side. Sales of cassettes of the songs of the film went on and on. The T series would take out advertisements about it. Then came a time that the number of sales of these cassettes exceeded one crore. After this, T series also stopped making advertisements about their count. Then the music of ‘Aashiqui’ had become the music of the country, not the T series. It is a matter of those days when Nadeem Shravan was not infatuated with Gulshan Kumar. Both were also working continuously for the T series. The film also rocked the Filmfare Awards the following year. The Best Music, Best Lyricist, Best Playback Singer – Male, Best Playback Singer – Female, won the four categories of awards related to film music by the film ‘Aashiqui’. Nadeem-Shravan, Sameer, Kumar Shanu and Anuradha Paudwal received the awards respectively. A total of 12 songs for the film ‘Aashiqui’ were put out by Gulshan Kumar and kept aside. However, of these, only nine were used in the film. One of these songs was also sung by Udit Narayan and one by Nitin Mukesh. Nitin Mukesh’s name appears in the film’s end credits as a singer although his sung song is not in the film. Nadeem Shravan was heavily influenced by the songs of Pakistan in those days, it is also reflected in one or two songs of this film. Remixes of the film’s songs have also been made. Although T series has made very bad remixes of all its songs, but this remix of a song from the film ‘Aashiqui’ was very much liked by the people.

The specialty of filmmaking of Mahesh Bhatt has been that he has been promoting his films by making them part of his personal life. The film ‘Aashiqui’ also tells the story of Mahesh Bhatt himself and his first wife Lauren Bright (Kiran Bhatt). According to Mahesh Bhatt, all the scenes shown in the film have been inspired by his real life. However, Deepak Tijori, who played an important role in the film, has said that the original idea of ​​this film has been suggested to him and for this he also gave a VHS cassette of a foreign film to Mahesh Bhatt. Deepak Tijori then served Mahesh Bhatt to play the lead hero of the film. Although the chance that Deepak got the second lead in the film, this film also brightened his luck.

aashiqui' Actor Rahul Roy Back With A Bang, Signs 5 Films ...

But in reality, if someone’s fate was dazzled by the film ‘Aashiqui’, it was Rahul Roy. Mahesh Bhatt, who visited his mother, returned after selecting his son for the film. Rahul Roy’s mother Indira used to work for UNICEF in those days and happy with her social work, the famous magazine Saivi did a special story on her. Mahesh Bhatt went to her house to congratulate her and he got his eye on Rahul Roy. For Rahul Roy, this feeling was such that someone has brought stars for him from the sky. He neither read the script nor asked the story, just signed the film. Within a year, the record of signing fifty films simultaneously was also set by Rahul Roy with the release of ‘Aashiqui’. It is another matter that a meeting of the filmmakers made a rule that a hero cannot sign more than 12 films simultaneously. Therefore, Rahul had to return the signing amount for the rest of the films

Rahul was then tied up in a contract with Special Films, so he also had to do Mahesh Bhatt’s next films ‘Janam’ and ‘Junoon’. Mahesh Bhatt lost what he earned in ‘Aashiqui’ in both these films. Rahul Roy used to have a craze in those days, the youth had started keeping hair like him too, but within a year all this got winded up. One special thing that is worth mentioning here is that Rahul Roy does not have his own voice in the film ‘Aashiqui’. Earlier, Sachin was signed by the Bhatt Brothers for this work, but later this work was done by actor Aditya Pancholi who was very close to Mahesh Bhatt.

Aashiqui (1990)

This is the talk of Rahul Roy and Deepak Tijori in the film ‘Aashiqui’. Now the story of that night when its heroine was seen by Mahesh Bhatt at a party. Mahesh Bhatt’s craze among the youth has been there from the beginning. Mahesh Bhatt gives a chance to new talent, Mukesh Bhatt makes these new talent work by making them artists of special films. So when Mahesh Bhatt first met Anu Agarwal, the heroine of the film ‘Aashiqui’ and offered to give him the film, Anu Agarwal did not see the power in this offer of Mahesh Bhatt. Anu refuses for this. However, Anu Aggarwal’s understated physique did not come out of Mahesh Bhatt’s mind. He called her again a few weeks later. This time Anu came to his office. Listened to the story and said yes to the film. The face of both Anu Aggarwal and Rahul Roy was not such that the people broke to see them, so both of them do not have a face in the film poster. By the way, Mahesh wanted to make his daughter Pooja Bhatt a heroine for this film, but she did not agree. It is another matter that when Pooja gave a clap on the first day of shooting of the film, she realized that she had made a mistake.

The innocence of both its lead actors played a major role in the success of the film ‘Aashiqui’, the music of which made the film a hit even before its release. Mahesh Bhatt succeeded in capturing the emotions of a young lovers couple in the film and wherever the film started to get weak, the character of Deepak Tijori would come and give it a different twist. The film also featured a long legion of supporting actors and people ranging from Virender Saxena to Homi Wadia, Reema Lagoo, Avatar Gill and Tom Altar greatly impressed. A small role in the film is also done by singer Kumar Shanu, who became the country’s new singing sensation overnight after this film.

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