September 24, 2021



Bollywood Veteran Actress Mumtaz Turns 74 Today

Mumtaz, who has made millions of people crazy with her best acting and fun-filled acts, has turned 74 today. Born on 31 July 1947, Mumtaz started acting at the age of just 11 to help her family financially. After initially working as a junior artist, Mumtaz got a chance to make her lead debut opposite Dara Singh in the film Faulad. After giving many hits with Dara Singh, Mumtaz gained recognition in the industry and across the country and then the actress never looked back.

After giving many hits, Mumtaz had made millions of people as well as actor Shammi Kapoor crazy about her. It is also said that Mumtaz was also madly in love with Shammi. When Mumtaz turned 18, she was proposed to by Shammi Kapoor. But there was also a condition attached to this proposal, that condition was that according to the tradition of Kapoor family, Mumtaz would have to leave the film industry before marriage. What was it then, Mumtaz refused to accept this condition due to the responsibilities of her family and the love story of both remained incomplete.

Is yesteryear's Actress Mumtaz dead?

Mumtaz got her big break from the film Do Raaste opposite Rajesh Khanna. she did many films back to back with Rajesh, out of which almost all 8 films proved to be super hit. Along with the films, the songs of both of them started becoming chartbusters. It was said that films become hits as soon as both of them come together. The news of their affair with films also started doing the rounds, although both of them never accepted the relationship.

It is said that when Mumtaz decided to marry businessman Mayur Wadhwani the next year after the marriage of Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, Rajesh Khanna became very angry with her. But the reason for this displeasure was not the affair of both but the career of the actress. Rajesh explained to her that if she would come and marry at this stage, her career would be ruined, and that’s exactly what happened. After marriage, all of Mumtaz’s films started flopping and she left the industry and went abroad with the family.

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