September 23, 2021



Bollywood Actress Kajol Turned 47 Today

Bollywood Actress Kajol is celebrating 47th birthday on 4th August. She married Ajay Devgan 22 years ago. The pair of both is considered to be one of the best couples of Bollywood. How the film set reached the wedding pavilion has been a very interesting story. Kajol had mentioned her love story with Ajay in an interview in which she told that nothing like ‘love at first sight’ or love at first sight happened between her and Ajay.

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In an interview, Kajol had told that while giving her first short (film Hustle) with Ajay, she realized that this man would play a very important role in her life. However, both Kajol and Ajay were in a relationship with someone else at that time. Both used to spend time together like friends. During that time, Kajol used to take advice from Ajay about her relationship and love-life and like ‘Baba ji’, Ajay used to give her tips.

The two met for the first time on the shooting of ‘Hustle’. Be friends first. When Kajol met Ajay for the first time, it was noticed that he likes to sit alone on one side. Didn’t even talk much. Then Kajol used to think that how can it be so good that no one talks. But gradually he started talking to Kajol and they became friends.

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After this film, both of them did many films together which were hits like ‘Ishq’, ‘Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha’, ‘Dil Kya Kare’, ‘Raju Chacha’ and ‘You Me Aur Hum’. Ajay and Kajol’s love blossomed over time and eventually both got married in 1999. The wedding took place in the traditional Maharashtrian style at Devgan House.

In an interview, Kajol had revealed that she wanted a pause in life and career. That’s why they decided to get married. Kajol said, “It had been almost 9 years since I worked. Every year 4-5 films were coming out. I had everything, money, fame and success, but no time for myself, no peace. A big That was the right time to take a decision.”

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“At that time I decided to get married and act in at most one film a year, but at the age of 25 my father didn’t want me to settle down. He wanted me to focus on my career. This decision I was supported by my mother Tanuja and then my relationship with Ajay reached marriage. Ajay and Kajol are parents to daughter Nyasa and son Yug.

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