Ayushmann Khurrana Complete 10 Years In Bollywood

Bollywood Actor Ayushmann Khurrana recently completed his 10 years in the industry. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Ayushmann has shared some special things related to his journey, dreams and struggle. Apart from this, he also told that with what approach he reached the current position. Ayushman has also told about what things are necessary for an outsider artist.

If you talk to Ayushmann 10 years ago, what will be the issues?
That’s why the focus should always be on the script. That is, whenever the first film is successful, you start feeling that whatever you touch will turn into gold, but it does not happen. The most beautiful thing is the script. Its realization happened when three films did not play after the first film. Always keep the script above yourself. That’s what I am following till now.

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What is Star Culture?
You have asked this very right question. This is an assurance you give to the audience that your film will be good. Star culture is where you create a credibility for a few years that this star’s film will be good. That trust should not be broken. Of course, even if you do not give some good films, trust in the star does not end, but then the star culture does not last forever. You have to give a good film. The work of making the star also belongs to the script itself.

What’s the point of a good script, because every 10 years its meaning keeps changing?
The more the script that connects with the common people or the closer it is to his life, that is considered to be a good script. The closer the story is to the common people, the better the fraternity can laugh, cry or feel it. That’s why I have always chosen scripts with relatability. Sometimes you do scripts that bring reforms in the society. They are risky. All the scripts done by the LGBT community have been risky. However, scripts that appeal to majority like ‘Bala’, ‘Dream Girl’, ‘Vicky Donor’ appeal to majority. It is easy to do them. But risk has to be taken. My entire career is built on risk.

Want to become an actor, did he know from childhood or when he started theater?
I know this from the time I was five or six years old. Although I did not tell my parents, because I was ashamed. Even once I told my grandmother, I had fallen. Who becomes that man actor? On the contrary, he even told the parents that it is so small. How is he doing such things? Show less movies. But the worm was me since childhood. So I focused on plays and music from my school days. Of course I was also in the school’s cricket team. I became serious after going to college, when I did theatre. Best actor awards started coming in. We used to write scripts ourselves. He used to make montages. The music itself was also given. So it was a very holsome exercise. Used to roam all over India. There were also awards. Although a promise was also given to my father that if I want to do something in this, then before that I have to concentrate in studies also. So for three years I was one of the top rankers in college. My attendance was complete.

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How much money in pocket and with what enthusiasm did you come to Mumbai to struggle?
Before coming to Mumbai, I was already a successful RJ. Was from a good family. He himself was earning well. Yes, since childhood, I wanted to do this, so from that time I gave a lot of time to my hobby and passion. Where people spend time in their teens. I didn’t waste my time. I worked hard on it with full dedication.

If the dream of becoming an actor was not fulfilled, was there any deadline that I would try my luck only for so many years?
My preparation was very solid. Along with my career, I took the risk very carefully. It was like I was already a successful RJ. While being an RJ, I joined the youth channel as an anchor. When I was not getting any time from anchoring, I left the radio. Otherwise I was doing those two things together. Financial security is very important for an artist. If you have EMI in your mind then you will not be able to concentrate on acting. An artist is like a child. He has to stay away from worldly worries, then he will be able to create something. This atlist happens in my case. There are many who do not go into darkness until they go. Do not destroy yourself so cold, till then you are not able to create. Although I think that is a very negative space. That method is wrong. For me, peace is very important. It is such with me that if there is even a sleeping scene for me, neither should my sleep be complete before that.

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Is Ayushmann an Optimist or a Realist?
I think I am very realistic type. Had I been an optimist, I would have left everything and entered acting that I would have done it. I am realist. That’s when I came to this field with full preparation. More than me, my father is a realist, who clearly said that he will not allow me to do theater until I am good at studies. He knew this was a field where anything could happen. You are artist. There may be ups and downs in your life. In this case, your core should be strong.

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