September 16, 2021



Akshay Kumar Complete Four Films By Working 180 Days In A Year

Like every time, this time too, Akshay Kumar, smiling in his witty style, reached the Pooja Films office in Mumbai to give an interview for the film ‘Bell Bottom’. Perhaps it is his simple way of working in a positive direction that makes his films successful. During the conversation, he talked about his fitness including ‘Bell Bottom’ and said that if I made four films after working 180 days in a year, what big arrow did I shoot in it?

Q. What are the challenges of doing movies based on real events?
A. Look, first of all, I do such films because they are heroes who are never talked about. Nobody knew about them. Not many people know about when these incidents happened and how they happened. Like I did a film ‘Airlift’. In which even the media did not know that many planes of India had gone and brought one lakh 70 thousand people from there. These were unsung heroes, about whom no one knew.

Accordingly, such heroes, who are agents of RAW and saved people, were brought. No one knows about them because their documents were buried. It is a different matter that we came to know about some document and we made this film. But it is certain that 80 percent of the things in this film are real and 20 percent are fictions. Because when we make a story, then we have to show it to the people by adding songs etc.

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Q. Went to Scotland to shoot during the Corona period, at that time you were kept in Quarantine for 14 days. Then how did you spend your time?
A.My wife and children went together. What was it then, I was enjoying there. Guess I went there for a holiday. It doesn’t matter a bit, whether at home or in Scotland. We had taken the entire hotel where we all stayed. There was Gordon in it, so we used to go for a walk in it too. See, this is the first film in the world, which was shot first during the Corona period, so we had to follow all the protocols.

Q. News of the third wave of Corona is also coming. How do you stay alert and what advice would you give to people?
A.Keep following the protocol. Do as you are told. Wear a mask, keep washing your hands, maintain social distance. Now what is it that you have to go to work. We all have come to work today, haven’t we?

Q. This film was shot during the Corona period. What was going on in your mind?
A. We just followed protocol, didn’t do anything more than that. Everyone had masks on their faces, gloves in their hands and we just kept on washing our hands. God was very kind to us that during that time not a single case came, while we were 200 to 250 people. We all came out from there working with great love. Yes, it was definitely that everyone used to live in masks, so it was not known who was who.

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Q. Tell the fans something about your character, its preparation etc.?
A. I did not have to prepare much for this. Simply, I followed my director. I just kept on doing what they said. This is a normal film and I have a RAW character in it. It is a spy-thriller film. Can’t say much about it, otherwise it will be exposed. The story is about what happens in the life of a spay and how many troubles he goes through. This work is not that easy. This film has it all.

Q. In today’s date, you do the maximum number of films annually. What is its basic mantra, so that all of us can do more and more of our work?
A.I don’t understand when I think, that I do four films in a year. It’s not a big deal in my opinion. It is done very easily. It takes 40-45 days to make a film. In this way, I work only 180 days in a year, whereas there are 365 days in the year. If I made four films after working 180 days in a year, which big arrow did I shoot in it? If you can all go to work every day, what’s the problem with us? When someone asks me how do you do so much work, then my only answer is that hey! Have done only four, not done much. It’s only me, anyone can do this easily. What only four can do, even six. It’s not such a big deal. In this way some people ask with surprise that you get up at four o’clock.

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Hey! It is morning, then I will not get up! You go to sleep only at half past nine. Hey! It is night, then I will not sleep at all! We have been taught since childhood that son, we have to go to school in the morning, it is half past nine, now go to sleep. Come on son, now it is five o’clock, do some study. Get ready and go to school… that’s what used to happen. But we have spoiled our habits that we will watch movies at night, roam around, sleep at 2-3 o’clock and wake up at 11 o’clock in the morning. See, night is made for sleeping and day is made for waking up and working. This is a simple formula.

Q. Well, your fitness is greatly appreciated. But some people here believe that after 50 nothing can happen in terms of fitness. What would you say on this?
A.Look, fitness is such a thing that you keep taking care of yourself. Sometimes it happens that even a good caretaker falls ill. But man must take care of himself, because your health is in your hands. Many people ask me that you got corona? Well, it’s done. What do I do now? Look, you can do any work by wearing a mask, but you cannot act by putting a mask on your mouth.

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